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Life Collaborative: Building Healthy Careers in Life Sciences!
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Born out of industry, the Life Collaborative provides an uncommon solution to an everyday dilemma faced by Biotech and Medtech industries today – that of equipping current workers with the business and science or technology savvy needed to achieve tough performance goals. Curated by real-world industry practitioners, this learning solution is practical (readily applicable) versus strictly academic. Just-in-time professional development is delivered in an anytime/anywhere state-of-the-art blended learning and collaborative platform.

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Life Collaborative Features:

  • Insights by Key Thought Leaders
  • Learning Tracks Designed for Professionals, seeking to improve performance, and Job-Seekers looking to improve their career positioning.
  • The nine certificate programs are recognized nationally by leading biotech and medical device state associations, and by more than a thousand professionals representing nearly 150 Life Science companies - MedTech, BioTech, Renewables, Leaderology, Project Management, Business Essentials, BioTech 101, Innovation, Job Fast pass.
  • 200+ Courses Pertaining to Science and the Business of Science.
  • 100+ Subject Matter Expert Video Interviews and Clips.
  • Examples and Case Studies Provided Directly by Companies


Assessments Specific to the Life Science Industry:

  • FutureMap Action Plan for Development - Professionals identify strengths, skill gaps, and key actions to improve overall performance / leadership mastery.
  • People Style Profile™ - Based on research by Carl Jung, this quick quiz helps employees identify and understand their communication and decision-making style for the sake of improved team engagement.
  • Employees can download workbooks and reports that can be shared with a mentor or manager.


Program Features:

  • The Life Collaborative Series of eLearning Resources are online/mobile and accessible anytime/anywhere.
  • Life Collaborative Community - Participants may interact with peers, access more development resources, and ask direct questions to a variety of Subject Matter Experts.
  • Personalized Experience - The Life Collaboratie system tracks personal progress. In other words, if you can't finish something in one sitting, come back when it's convenient and pick-up where you leave off.



  • Many participants claimed that the Life Collaborative certificate earned them a promotion or helped them keep their employment during times of downsizing.
  • Job Seekers claimed that their Life Collaborative experience directly helped them find and win their next career.
  • Employers have boasted that their teams are more innovative due to a better understanding of the over-arching science and business processes.


The value is clear for those of our staff who have gone through the eLearning programs.  The expansive cross-training nature of the eLearning architecture has us all speaking the same language and to the same business standard.  In the end, people are working smarter, more efficiently, and with greater productivity - making this a great bargain for our modest investment of time and budget. Quote by David W. at the Scripps Institute

If you have questions about which program to select, or would like to learn about the Life Collaborative Corporate Licensing Program or Custom Learning Management options, please email or call 760-444-9460.

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Monday, March 27, 2017