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Team Mentorship

Why Team Mentorship

  • Entrepreneurs are exposed to a wide range of viewpoints based on diverse sets of expertise.
  • Diverse experience leads to diverse output.
  • Many perspectives are openly discussed and considered.
  • Richer discussions among mentors and mentee.
  • Mentees have the opportunity to learn best practices from experienced, successful entrepreneurs and industry experts as well as insights on how to reach business development goals while facing real world constraints.

About the Team Mentorship Program

The Team Mentorship Program is a dedicated 10-week cycle for mentee companies.  Selected businesses will be asked to present to an audience of prospective mentors in a First Pitch event.  Mentors will be asked to select companies they would be interested in mentoring.  While Mentor interest will be considered in the selection process, the program Steering Committee will organize mentor teams, working to meet the needs and interests of the mentee company. 

Once matched, the teams will begin a 10 week series of weekly, 1-2 hour meetings to discuss a variety of business preparedness issues.  IHIF will provide discussion guidelines and support materials but expect teams to help mentees to think critically about these issues and how they apply to their business, not necessarily completely resolve each topic.  Additional time and discussion may be allocated to other issues as needed.  Teams will be paired with an MBA student who will serve as the project coordinator.

As part of of the 10-week cycle, mentees go through a one-day training session to hone their presentation skills and will then be asked to present their new slide decks to the members of the mentor network in the Final Pitch event.  

IHIF expects to organize two cycles of 3-5 mentee companies per year.   The first mentee class will open in the Fall of 2015. 





Why Become a Mentor


Good Mentor Attributes


Mentor Expectations


  • Interested in new ideas.
  • Motivated to give back.
  • Opportunities to network.
  • Build relationships with up and coming entrepreneurs and other mentors.
  • Access the region’s most exciting opportunities
  • Veteran business owner or top level executive
  • Positive attitude
  • Good listener
  • Enthusiasm for the program
  • Time to participate
  • Respected by colleagues - role model
  • Has significant applicable experience
  • No personal agenda
  • Ability to advise and coach
  • Comfortable with team mentoring screening process
  • Desire and ability to serve as part of a team of mentors for an entrepreneur in Indiana.
  • Willing to commit to meeting with a mentee/entrepreneur once a week for a period of 10 weeks.
  • Willing to openly share business knowledge—both successes and failures - and business network contacts.
  • Willing to attend two company pitch events.
  • Potential conflicts of interest will be acknowledged and disclosed.
  • Motivated by a desire to give back to the community.
  • If actively employed, company represented must be a member of IHIF.

How to Become a Mentor

Mentors may apply directly or be referred to the program and will need to complete a short application form.

Prospective mentors will have individual meetings with IHIF staff to screen mentor applicants and provide information about mentor responsibilities and rules of conduct.  Our Mentors will have an “A-list” reputation.  Some mentors may not be accepted into the program based on program capacity in skill set areas, mentee needs, and/or fit with the program objectives.

Selected Mentors will be listed on IHIF website (name and company name).

IHIF is particularly seeking mentors with expertise in several categories: legal, financial, regulatory affairs, past entrepreneurship, marketing, and other related business advisory roles

Please note: For mentors actively employed in the field, the companies they represent must be members of IHIF.  There is no membership requirement for retirees.

Cycle-exclusive sponsorships are available for some mentor categories.  Please contact IHIF to find out more about sponsorship opportunities.

Mentor teams will be created around specific mentee companies.  Not all mentors will be matched with teams for every program cycle.

Mentors are asked to be available for mentee meetings throughout a 10 week program cycle.  While scheduling conflicts may occasionally occur, mentors unable to attend the majority of mentee sessions may be replaced.


Team Mentorship: Mentee Company Benefits

  • Develop a company presentation and one-page summary suitable for use in presenting to potential investors.
  • Build their personal business networks by accessing A-list mentors and their resource networks.
  • Receive a 1 year complimentary membership in IHIF and company profile in BioFutures Magazine.
  • Access to supplemental advisors and company promotional opportunities.

IHIF will begin enrolling mentee companies for a first class in the fall of 2015.  See also: About Team Mentorship/Program Overview


Download Mentee Company Application Here

(Application is provided in a Word document - please enter information directly into the form)


Thank you!  We are no longer accepting applications for the Fall 2015 Cycle.  Applications submitted after July 31, 2015 will be considered for the Spring 2016 Cycle.   Completed applications and any attachments should be sent to  Applications will be screened by the MOMENTUM Steering Committee and accepted candidates will be notified.  Businesses not selected for the current application cycle will be provided with appropriate feedback.  Information provided will be used only for purposes of Steering Committee review and candidate selection for the MOMENTUM Team Mentorship program.  Please do not disclose any sensitive or proprietary information.  Applications will be retained by IHIF.   Questions?  Please contact IHIF at


MOMENTUM Mentors in Residence

  •     Diana Caldwell, President and CEO, Pearl Pathways
  •     Adam Campagna, Business Development, Meyer Najem Construction
  •     Kristin Eilenberg, CEO, Lodestone Logic
  •     Josh Griswold, Client Executive, Hylant
  •     Brian Johnstone, Associate Research Professor in Medicine , IU -
  •     Bo Kowalczyk,  Sr. Director of Business Development. AIT Bioscience
  •     Wade Lange, President, NeuroFx
  •     Suzanne O'Shea, Director, Navigant
  •     Deborah Pollack-Milgate, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg LLP
  •     Jon Rahman, M.D.
  •     Christopher Ryan, Research Engineer/Business Development, Cook Regentec
  •     Joerg Schreiber, Ph.D., Founder, White Arrow Consulting
  •     Ramesh Shah, Founder and President, DC Limited       
  •     Ray Snider, Principal, Casual Marketing
  •     Stephen Spencer, Advantis Medical Inc.
  •     Thomas Stergar II, Dir. Business Development, Safis Solutions
  •     Ken Thomas, Taith Group
  •     Dee Thomas, Senior Scientist, Cell Culture Media Development. Cook Regentec
  •     David Woll, Woll Enterprises
  •     Jenna Sallee, Executive Director, Orthopaedic Research Foundation, Inc.
  •     Jerry Horn, President, Ignition Sales Consultants, LLC
  •     Chad Pannucci, Director, Business Development, Pearl Pathways
  •     Robert Chew, President and CEO, Commissioning Agents  
  •     Rebecca Ball, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg
  •     Raul Zavaleta, President & CEO, Volatus Advisors


MOMENTUM Steering Committee

  • Dr. Ramesh Shah, DC Limited
  • Dr. Joerg Schreiber, White Arrow Consulting
  • Jacob Schpok, Indiana Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship/ISBDC
  • Rose Mary Hontz, MOMENTUM
  • Kristin Jones, IHIF
  • Josh Griswold, Hylant
  • Steve Bryant, Gayle and Bill Cook Center for Entrepreneurship, Ivy Tech Community College - Bloomington
  • Others TBD


IHIF Membership Requirements for Team Mentor Participants

Sponsors: Membership required.

Mentors: Retirees, no requirement.
             For mentors with company affiliations, corporate membership is required.

Mentees: 1 year complimentary membership awarded at completion of program.




Support for the First Team Mentorship Cycle 

*Funding for this program was made possible through the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute with support from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation Twenty-First Century Research and Technology Fund (Grant ID: A293-5-21Fund-14).

 Additional Support Provided By:
 OSBE Cook Center Ivy Tech




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