Momentum Mentor Networks

 A Strategic Investment in Indiana's Health Science Entrepreneurship Ecosystem


The Indiana Health Industry Forum has developed a network to better tie industry, our research community, and our entrepreneurs together.  The programs encourage interaction between industry and investigators, provide earlier feedback on ideas and company development, support student engagement, and contribute to later stage entrepreneurial growth.  



Discovery Days programs connect the research and discovery interests of large industry with start-ups and investigators in the state's research universities. The PRIMER program provides guidance and feedback at the earliest stages of discovery and contemplated company formation by offering individual investigators who would like to commercialize their discoveries with access to a customized entwork of industry mentors.
 team train
The Team Mentorship program works to prepare entrepreneurial companies to compete more effectively for funding.  Entrepreneurs are paired with teams of mentors to enhance their business skills and build their networks. Now accepting mentor applications.Through the application of a nationally-recognized training program, we will work to connect post-docs and graduate students with industry mentors to help them transition from academia into the health science workforce.





MOMENTUM is connected.  IHIF is a founding member of the Turnpike Partnership - an international network of health science industry associations focused on patient-driven public policy and innovation services.  The Turnpike Partnership brings together health science associations and their members with industry leaders, research universities, startup companies, mentors, and related national trade associations.  The Turnpike model erases geo-political boundaries and focuses on getting innovation in front of the people who can connect it most quickly to patients.  Organized and led at the state/grassroots level, the Partnership provides a collaborative, viable, sustainable business model and support system.


For More Information: Please contact the Indiana Health Industry Forum at to enroll as a mentor, register your start-up company, or become a MOMENTUM sponsor.



Monday, March 27, 2017